Request for startups

We believe in making a positive impact. We believe in technology as the key driver to solve the challenges in the ocean. We believe in the untapped potential of our oceans. We believe in the untapped talent of the world. We are the Katapult Ocean Accelerator and we´re looking for brave founders who believe in the same mission to join us.

Making a positive impact in the world and building great business opportunities are part of our mission. We do not feel these two concepts are mutually exclusive and, in fact, together they form an incredibly powerful union. So, we want to support companies that do good but also generate significant financial value. This union allows these companies to be more sustainable, expand their reach, attract the best talent and attract investor capital.

There is no shortage of talent out there but in many cases, they lack the proper support needed to bring their dreams to life. So, we’re creating the ultimate platform to turn the passion of talented founders, like you, into something great. We know founders can learn more effectively with proper mentorship and deep access to industry experts and pilot customer, and they need the right software tools to grow. We also know this talent lies in every corner of the globe, so we’re agnostic about where you call home.

We are fueled and inspired by our deep belief in exponential technology, such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain, which are creating a paradigm shift in the way society will operate in the future. They allow startups to scale faster and to a new degree never before possible while solving problems in our oceans and finding new opportunities.

Join a movement to save our oceans and find new opportunities.
Join the Katapult Ocean Accelerator.