Katapult Ocean

We believe in a world where a thriving ocean is in harmony with economic development. That is why we invest in and support startups that have a positive impact on our ocean.

 Katapult Ocean

1. Invest

We invest in startups that build profitable businesses with a positive impact on our ocean.

2. Catalyse

We catalyse capital, talent, companies and startups to accelerate the blue shift in the ocean industries.

3. Steward

We steward ocean tech startups to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals with a main focus on SDG 14, Life Below Water.
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“We believe the best solutions come from global collaboration, so we’ve built a global ecosystem”

Katapult Ocean Accelerator

The Details

3-month programme online.

What we offer

An intense accelerator programme tailored to ocean startups

Hands-on mentorship from top global subject matter experts, serial entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors

Access to pilot customers, test environments and real data

Investment in your company as well as access to further capital and investors to support your company

Global network and programme partners focused on entry and scaling in the US and Asia

We source globally, with the best talent, wherever they are.

We have now closed applications for our fourth wave. Should we be keeping an eye on you? Join our watchlist here

Our Focus

Exponential technology

We are fueled and inspired by our deep belief in exponential technology.

Positive Impact

We believe technology can help impact focused startups scale faster solving the challenges in the ocean or finding new great opportunities.


  • Wave
  • Tidal


  • Shipping
  • Ferries
  • Tourism


  • Aquaculture
  • Fishing
  • Medicine
  • Desalination

Ocean Health

  • Cleanup
  • Habitat protection and restoration
  • Acidification

New Frontiers

  • Exploration
  • Floating cities
  • New ways to use the ocean
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Working with our founding partner WWF-Norway

Take part in a global movement to save our oceans and find new opportunities


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