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Norway | CEO Leif A. Stavøstrand | Evoy eliminates global boating emissions | evoy@evoy.no

Atlan Space logo


Morocco | CEO Badr Idrissi | Atlan Space combats illegal fishing through artificially intelligent drones | contact@atlanspace.com


Netherlands | CEO William Janssen | Desolenator is fighting our global water crisis through 100% solar ocean-safe desalination | info@desolenator.com


Norway | CEO Agnes Árnadóttir | BRIM offers next generation ships for silent, sustainable tourism | info@brimexplorer.com

Ocean Rainforest

Faroe Islands | CEO Olavur Gregersen | Ocean Rainforest grows premium quality seaweed for the food, feed and health market | olavur@oceanrainforest.com

Ocean Bottle

UK | CEO William Plahte Pearson | Ocean Bottle empowers individuals to stop ocean plastic with the world’s most needed reusable bottle | ahoy@theoceanbottle.com


Netherlands | CEO Koen Burgers | SolarDuck transforms the world with affordable offshore floating solar energy | info@solarduck.tech

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Norway | CEO Tore Angelskar | Clean and Circular Abrasive Blasting Method for Surface Treatment – stopping microplastics from entering the Ocean (Paint = Plastic) | info@pinovo.com


Sweden | CEO Tom Johansson | Hooked leads the transition to a more harmless seafood consumption by offering tasty plant-based seafood that is good for the planet and good for your health | tom@hookedfoods.com


Israel | CEO Renana Krebs | The future of fashion is powered by Algae | rkrebs@alga-life.com


USA | CEO Sergie Albino | ecoSPEARS is a cleantech remediation company with NASA-developed green technologies ushering in the carbonless future of environmental cleanup | info@ecospears.com

ARC Marine logo

ARC Marine

UK | CEO Tom Birbeck | ARC Marine are disrupting the marine industry by accelerating reef creation in offshore construction projects which historically have caused damage and pollution | hello@arcmarine.co.uk


UK | CEO Adam Root | Matter. is an innovation company, pioneering plastic capture for the good of the planet | hello@inheriting-earth.com

Saathi logo


India | CEO Kristin Kagetsu | Saathi manufacture 100% biodegradable and compostable all natural sanitary pads from banana fiber | accounts@saathipads.com

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UK | CEO Karen Scofield Seal | Marine-safe bio-packaging and plant-based food & nutrition products from sustainably-farmed seaweed | info@oceanium.co.uk

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Iceland | CEO Stefán P. Jones | Keeping Seafood Fresh and Safe | info@tracio.is


Norway | CEO Flavie Gohin | Fishency uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to improve sustainability | flavie.gohin@fishency.no


Portugal | CEO Jorge Alexandre Vieira | Undersee facilitates intelligent collection of ocean data | undersee@undersee.io

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Costa Rica | CEO Juan Carlos Martí Revelo | RemoraXYZ enables you to trace that your dinner has been fished sustainably | jmart@remoraxyz.com


Great Britain | CEO Inty Grønneberg | Ichthion designs systems that both generate power and remove plastic pollution | info@ichthion.com

Nautix Logo

Nautix Technologies

Denmark | CEO Tarang Valecha | Nautix provides next-generation ship management software for smarter, safer, and more reliable ship operations | info@nautixtech.com

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SaNoor Technologies

USA | CEO Boon Ooi | SaNoor has developed a cutting-edge optics solution that will enable next generation sub sea communications | info@sanoortech.com

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Canada | CEO Chris L'Esperance | Marimetrics is developing a real time aquatic animal health diagnostic tool for aquaculture | info@marimetrics.com

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Norway | CEO Jean-Gregoire Kherian | SubSeaX connects you to the underwater world with the click of a button | info@subsea.no


Denmark | CEO Lise Engelbrecht | Paralenz cameras empower divers to easily capture and share both their underwater footage and Ocean data with the world and dedicated scientific communities | le@paralenz.com

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Norway | CEO-Partner Tore Halvorsen | Innomar AS makes fishing sustainable | info@innomar.no

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Greece | CEO Georgios Bourtzos | ShipReality speeds up the green shipping revolution through mixed reality | info@shipreality.com

Raino Tech4Impact logo

Raino Tech4Impact

Kenya | CEO Francis Nderĩtũ | Leveraging technology to decentralise and democratise cold-chain access in fisheries and aquaculture in East Africa, reducing cost and entry barriers | niaje@raino.co.ke


US | CEO David Hull | HydroSurv delivers economic, low-impact hydrographic and environmental surveying and interpretive analytics using our advanced Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) | info@hydro-surv.com

Fortuna Cools

US | CEO Tamara Mekler | Fortuna makes coolers from coconuts: designed to last years, not millennia | info@fortunacools.com

Recyglo logo


Myanmar | CEO Shwe Yamin Oo | Recyglo prevents waste reaching the oceans through logistics and an online marketplace for waste trading | contact@recyglo.com



Sweden | CEO Simon Isaksson | Accommodating the world’s need for clean water | contact@aquammodate.com