Paralenz cameras empower divers to easily capture and share both their underwater footage and Ocean data with the world and dedicated scientific communities

Lise Engelbrecht
Michael Trøst
Martin Holmberg
Co-founder & CPO
What we do

Every day millions of people visit the Ocean to dive or snorkel. However, sharing those underwater experiences takes time, skill, and the right equipment; a combination that scares many away from bringing a camera to their dive.

Paralenz has developed the world’s first intelligent underwater camera, enabling anyone to capture and share their experiences effortlessly. It also allows users to seamlessly collect and distribute geo-referenced Ocean data to accelerate marine research. To expedite the collection of data and reach a broader audience, Paralenz is setting up rent-from-app camera kiosks at popular dive destinations, removing the users’ dependence on personal camera equipment.


Since 2017, Paralenz has sold over 10,000 cameras worldwide and established a highly dedicated following with an online community of more than 40,000.