Matter. is an innovation company, pioneering plastic capture for the good of the planet

Adam Root
Founder & CEO
Dean Carran
Chief Technology Officer
Tim LeRoy
Chief Commercial Officer

Billions of plastic microfibers and micropollutants enter our water, food and ecosystems every day. Matter’s mission is to stop this pollution at source, to ensure it becomes a valuable resource, and to return it to the circular economy.

Their bold statement of intent is to take ownership of the challenge of removing the micropollutants released from human-made sources into the environment. They say, “this our problem, and we will solve it.”


Matter’s vision is to use their company, their products, and the way they go about their business, as a mechanism to deliver radical and urgent change. They are committed to only making products that solve environmental problems, and that create measurable positive impact at a global scale. Matter was founded on ‘Cradle to Cradle’ principles. The whole team is focussed on proving that a circular economy model is not only viable, but also that a thriving company can be profitable by putting the protection of people and our planet first. Matter doesn’t just believe that business could be a positive force for good, they are actively making that happen.