HydroSurv delivers economic, low-impact hydrographic and environmental surveying and interpretive analytics using our advanced Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs).

David Hull
Founder & CEO

Population growth, scarcity of natural resources and the effects of climate change are creating the conditions for exploitation of our oceans, coasts and inland waters, but for exploitation to remain safe and sustainable we need data. Robotics and unmanned systems show disruptive promise, but remain expensive to buy and expensive to operate, constraining widespread adoption and frequency of use.

What we do

HydroSurv's vision is a future where economic, low-impact autonomous vessels replace expensive, polluting conventional support vessels whilst entirely new and affordable solutions for waterborne data acquisition and analytics are available to new users; and we do this by vertically integrating our own low-cost, low-impact Unmanned Surface Vehicles with services and digital infrastructure - providing an end-to-end solution for fixed-price surveys. In 2019, we achieved commercial traction with government customers and in 2020 we've qualified for high-value survey frameworks in the UK and Canada.