Hooked leads the transition to a more harmless seafood consumption by offering tasty plant-based seafood that is good for the planet and good for your health

Tom Johansson
Sales & Strategy
Emil Wasteson
Supply & Operations
Zhihao (Peter) Liu
Product Development

The rapidly increasing consumption of seafood has led to high levels of antibiotics, mercury and microplastics in our ocean and seafood. Fish farms are collapsing, our ocean is intoxicated and species are on the edge of extinction. Conclusion is we want more seafood than we have and we need a sustainable and healthy alternative to seafood more urgently than ever. But imagine if we could create seafood that had all the good nutrients and excluded all the bad chemicals, that we also can scale without harming the ocean?

What we do

Hooked develops plant-based seafood for flexitarian consumers, where “Taste is king and nutrition is queen”. They currently have two products; Toona and Salmoon with 20% protein which are perfect to use in a wide variety of dishes like pasta, wraps, sandwiches, sushi, salads, tacos, pizza etc. The company will start serving its shredded Toona in Swedish foodservice and ready-2-eat meals in November and plan to launch its Salmoon in Q1 2021. They currently have 10 major customer chains that have approved the Toona and moved forward to negotiations with 4 LOIs signed and a projected €2.5M revenue forecast the first year.