Fortuna Cools

Fortuna makes coolers from coconuts: designed to last years,
not millennia

David Cutler
Co-founder & CEO
Tamara Mekler

No one likes plastic foam insulation. Consumers are trying to cut plastic out of their day-to-day lives, food suppliers are wasting money on disposable Styrofoam boxes, and marine ecosystems are choking on the leftover microplastics. Fortuna’s all-natural insulation is replacing plastic foam once and for all.

What we do

Made from coconut farm waste, Fortuna coolers are durable, affordable, and biodegradable. What's more, Fortuna’s upcycled raw materials provide additional income for farmers and eliminate CO2 emissions by using waste that would otherwise be burned. Fortuna’s first cooler for perishable supply chains is selling fast in Southeast Asia and Fortuna is launching its recreational cooler direct to consumers in the coming months.