Frequently Asked Questions

What type of companies does Katapult Ocean invest in?

Katapult Ocean invests in tech companies with positive impact on our ocean. More on this in Request for startups.

Do you invest in the companies that go through the accelerator program?

Yes – we invest in all the companies that take part in the accelerator. The standard investment is $150K investment for 8% equity. We also make follow on investments in our most promising companies through our follow-on fund.

Does it cost money to participate in the accelerator?

Yes – we charge $50k per company to participate, but these fees can be deducted from our $150K investment. The program covers the costs of running the accelerator.

What will I get out of being in the Katapult Ocean Accelerator?

  • Intense accelerator program tailored to Ocean
  • Hands on mentorship from over 120 subject matter experts globally, a growing network of serial entrepreneurs, business leaders and investor.
  • Investment and potential follow-on investments. Katapult Ocean invests from $150.000 USD or more for 8% equity per company
  • Global network and program partners focused on entry and scaling in the US and Asia

Does my company have to be Norwegian to apply?

Of course not. We source globally – our batch one pipeline consisted of 500+ companies representing 58 different countries.

We have a gigantic team. Do we need to move the entire team for the program?

No – Katapult Ocean only requires one person to be present. Three seats are included in the program fee. Typically, a startup sends the co-founders and head of sales or marketing to attend the program.

What are some companies that have gone through the Katapult Ocean accelerator?

The companies that have gone through the Katapult Ocean accelerator are listed in our Portfolio for Batch 1 and Batch 2.

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Applications for the second batch are now closed. Stay tuned for the next application round.