ecoSPEARS is a cleantech remediation company with NASA-developed green technologies ushering in the carbonless future of environmental cleanup

Sergie Albino
Founder & CEO
Ian Doromal
Founder & Executive Vice President
What we do

At ecoSPEARS, we know that people worldwide are affected by toxic chemicals in their food and water. When these toxins are not removed from the environment, they can cause birth defects diseases, including cancer. ecoSPEARS has obtained the exclusive license to NASA-developed green remediation technologies to extract and destroy toxins from the environment. Through green cleanup solutions, people can live better & healthier lives when persistent and emerging contaminants are removed from the environment. We are on a mission to protect human health because everyone deserves access to clean water, clean food, and clean air.


In less than three years, we have raised a 2.3 million dollar Seed Round. We’ve obtained traction with names that matter in industries and sectors, including pulp and paper, chemical, manufacturing, utilities, ports, state, federal, and international agencies.