Desolenator is fighting our global water crisis through 100% solar ocean-safe desalination

Alexei Levene
Co-founder & Commercial Director
Louise Bleach
Business Development Manager
William Janssen
Co-founder & CEO

We are experiencing a global water crisis, yet our oceans - where 98% of the world's water resides - still remain a largely untapped resource. Today, desalination (turning seawater into drinking water) is an incredibly expensive and highly polluting process, releasing emissions into our atmosphere and toxic chemicals into our oceans.

What we do

Desolenator is pioneering sustainable and ocean-safe desalination - designing a better water future whilst protecting the planet. Desolenator is powered 100% by solar, uses no harmful chemicals and in 2021 systems will produce 250,000L/day at 1usd$/1000L.